EAHP Statements on Hospital Pharmacy

In 2014, EAHP published the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy, agreed at the European Summit of Hospital Pharmacy, that express commonly agreed objectives and recommendations for pharmacy practice which every European health system should aim for in hospital pharmacy services. These statements were developed in partnership with patient and healthcare professional organisations and EAHP's member country associations including the HPAI.

The Board subsequently established an implementation plan for the Statements, enabling EAHP to make informed choices in supporting each hospital pharmacist to achieve the highest possible standards for patient care and outcomes.

The Statements are divided into 6 different sections:

  • Section 1 Introductory Statements and Governance
  • Section 2 Selection, Procurement and Distribution
  • Section 3 Production and Compounding
  • Section 4 Clinical Pharmacy Services
  • Section 5 Patient Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Section 6 Education and Research

There are 44 European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy in total

Implementation Plan

The implementation plan draws on the 44 Statements, on meetings with patient groups, fellow healthcare practitioners and the goals of our member countries. It moves the 44 European statements into the next logical incarnation: a clear compelling plan for what we are about and where we intend to go next to achieve improved patient outcomes through advancements in pharmacy practice. The timeline is ambitious, set at 5 years with the assumption that implementation started in 2014. EAHP cannot achieve the goals of the 44 statements on its own and EAHP welcomes participation by all stakeholders in the medication use process with the project implementation team.

Implementation Ambassador

Each nation has nominated an implementation ambassador - for Ireland this is Richard Sykes

The role of the Implementation ambassador is to:

  • Act as primary link in between EAHP, their national associations and the implementation activities done within their countries.
  • Convey to EAHP the needs and priorities of their countries regarding Statement implementation.
  • Build resources that will help hospital pharmacists, healthcare professionals and other relevant stakeholders to implement the Statements within their hospitals.

The EAHP has developed an information resource for the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy here