The HPAI is affiliated to the IMPACT trade union 


In order to represent Hospital Pharmacists in negotiations with the Employer, an organisation needs a government issued negotiating license

Without this affiliation the profession would not be able to negotiate on behalf of members & have access through the Union to Govt Depts  & Industrial Relations Machinery (The Labour Court and Workplace Relations Commission)

This covers Terms & Conditions of employment : hours of work, annual leave and other entitlements(sick leave with pay, compassionate leave), grievance procedures,  salary,  discrimination (including gender related pay discrimination), career structure

In addition to the benefits above IMPACT membership gives individuals the following benefits:

 Valuable ‘Fitness to Practice’  legal support

Various levels of other protection for death/critical illness/personal accident

Further details are available here

Why should I join IMPACT? 

Please watch the video below for information on the support and protection IMPACT membership provides











How much is IMPACT membership?

Standard membership works out at approximately €6.90 per week with subscriptions this is reduced for Hospital Pharmacists earning less than €44,880

Example approximate costs are given below (although this is intended only as an indicative guide based on subscriptions in March 2017 - more information is available from IMPACT direct here)

Basic salary

Impact subscription cost

Cost per week