New POWERFUL website in development for HPAI

Create: 03/26/2016 - 14:58

The present website has served us reasonably well over the last decade. Online conference registration and membership applications have been a major advance. However, much greater functionality is now required to take us to a new level. If hospital pharmacy is to be taken seriously in Ireland we need to project a much more professional image to the public and other health professionals...and it starts right here!!

We now have a very powerful platform which is capable of collaboartive work on a national scale as well as the high-end visual and social communication tool which really is a pre-requisite in today's society. The content is easy to administer and with 2 hours training an army of highly knowledgeable hospital pharmacists all around the country will be able to coordinate information and communications nation-wide.

The vision of the new website is:

  1. One stop shop for membership applications, conference registration, knowledge sharing (forum) and dissemination of information
  2. High-end visual, social media functionality
  3. Portable device friendly
  4. Very scalable so that the platform can accomodate all future needs where collaborative working is required

Whilst not all functionality can be mocked up we hope you will see enough of the potential over the next few weeks to feedback to us directly

So send us those Nuggets, Niggles, Nice-ifs, and No-nos please before the conference on the forum, or bring them to Santry in April

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