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The Hospital Pharmacists Association of Ireland

Who we are

The HPAI is a vocational professional group within the FORSA trade union. FORSA holds the negotiating licence for hospital pharmacists in their dealings with Government/the employer. By virtue of the negotiating licence, FORSA is the sole representative for hospital pharmacists (and some other health professional and social care groups) on issues of pay and conditions of employment. Under Irish legislation, professional bodies do not have negotiating rights with Government in their own right.

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Through our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) we hold several meetings a year in addition to online sharing to provide valuable networking and opportunities to stay up to date and connected to other hospital pharmacist professionals working in specialist areas all around the country. 

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Members must be practising hospital pharmacists with a current FORSA union  membership

  • 15 Feb 2024 7:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Following a meeting of the FORSA National Executive Committee, FORSA will begin to ballot members on the public sector pay deal.  

    The previous public service pay agreement, Building Momentum, expired on 31st December 2023. The proposed new deal covers the period from 1st January 2024 to 30th June 2026.

    The 19 unions affiliated to the Public Services Committee (PSC) of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU), have until Monday 25th March to complete ballots of their members. If the deal is ratified by an aggregate ballot of the PSC it would provide the following pay terms:

    • A general round increase in annualised basic salary for all public servants of 2.25% or €1,125, whichever is greater, from 1st January 2024
    • A general round increase in annualised basic salary for all public servants of 1% on 1st June 2024
    • A general round increase in annualised basic salary for all public servants of 1% or €500, whichever is greater, on 1st October 2024.

    • A general round increase in annualised basic salary for all public servants of 2% or €1,000, whichever is greater, on 1st March 2025
    • A general round increase in annualised basic salary for all public servants of 1% on 1st August 2025
    • The first phase of local bargaining of 1% on 1st September 20225

    • A general round increase in annualised basic salary for all public servants of 1% or €500, whichever is greater, on 1st February 2026
    • A general round increase in annualised basic salary for all public servants of 1% on 1st June 2026.

    Emails will be sent to all FORSA members with ballot codes.

    Further details can be found on FORSA website 

  • 9 Feb 2024 2:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A joint summit on preventing occupational exposure to hazardous Medicinal products (HMPs) was held at Forsa’s office January 30th.  The European Biosafety Network (EBN), HPAI and the NAHPT called on the Health Service Executive (HSE) to urgently update their Guideline on Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs published in February 2022 to include updates from the EU Carcinogens, mutagens and reprotoxic substances directive (CMRD) 2022 updated guidelines that come into force from April 5th 2024. 

    The HPAI welcome this call to action and urge the HSE to expedite the harmonised labelling of HMPs and adoption of the ETUI’s list of HMPs in Ireland and to implement strategies to support and protect the healthcare of in particular pharmacy staff in Ireland.

    Full summit Report available here 

  • 8 Feb 2024 10:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Pharmaceutical care was proposed to address morbidity and mortality associated with medicine-related problems. It utilises the pharmacist’s expertise in medicines, their relationship with the patient and cooperation with other healthcare professionals to optimise the use of medicines.

    The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has adopted a resolution on the  implementation of pharmaceutical care for the benefit of patients and health services (Resolution CM/Res(2020)3).

    The EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare) through the Committee of Experts on Quality and Safety Standards in Pharmaceutical Practices and Care (CD-P-PH/PC), is actively working on guidance concerning medication review which is an essential part of pharmaceutical care. It is also examining remote and online access to medicines, an emerging and challenging area for policy makers.

    Citation: Henman, M.C.; Ravera, S.; Lery, F.-X. Council of Europe

    Resolution on the Implementation of Pharmaceutical Care—A Step Forward in Enhancing the Appropriate Use of Medicines and Patient-Centred Care. Healthcare 2024, 12, 232. https://doi.org/10.3390/healthcare12020232

  • 8 Feb 2024 9:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    HPAI welcome the publication of the review seeking statutory recognition of the role of pharmacy technician.   The comprehensive position paper by FORSA and the NAHPT outlines clearly the vital role hospital pharmacy technicians play in medication supply and safe use.  The position paper is available here and we urge all pharmacists to read and discuss with your hospital pharmacy technician colleagues.  

  • 8 Feb 2024 9:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Enhancing patients’ access to high-quality and affordable medicinal products across the European Union while preserving the financial sustainability of healthcare systems should be the overarching aim of the current revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation. AIDES, AIM, Consilium Scientific, CPME, EAHP, EATG, ECL, EPHA, GHA, HOPE, NoGracias, PGEU, Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation, Prescrire, Salud por Derecho and Wemos have joined forces to outline how the revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation should: 1. Foster affordability to improve access to high-quality medicinal products, 2. Improve the assessment and evidence requirement of medicinal products’ effectiveness and safety, and 3. Ensure a sufficient supply of medicinal products and combat shortages. We call on the European Commission to include the considerations that have been put forward in this joint statement in the revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation.

    Full Statement Available from EAHP

  • 30 Apr 2023 9:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The HPAI Annual Conference 2023 featured a range of high-quality short oral presentations that encompassed a range of topics of interest to hospital pharmacists. The conference heard from Ms Helen Heery, who discussed the issue of delirium in patients and the role of the hospital pharmacist in a presentation titled, ‘Stop! Think Delirium’. “This is a really serious problem in hospitals and one in which I believe pharmacists can play a key role in its management,” she said.

  • 7 Jan 2022 2:38 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A timeline of discussions with the HSE regarding the development of a  fit for purpose career structure recognising the value and expertise that Hospital pharmacists bring to  modern healthcare has been published under the CAREER STRUCTURE tab.

    The length of the negotiations coupled with failed implementation despite clear safety, quality and financial benefits is of great regret to members of the profession who have worked tirelessly and diligently to improve services, expand roles and bring expertise in the use of medicines from the pharmacy to the side of the patient.

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Member benefits

  • FORSA represent hospital pharmacists in negotiations locally with employers and, at national level, with Government about pay and conditions of employment for hospital pharmacists. FORSA can also provide assistance if problems arise in the workplace
  • PSI ‘Fitness to Practice’ legal representation
  • The HPAI hosts a variety of educational activities each year for its members at very competitive costs. 
  •  A number of special interest groups hold regular meetings throughout the year and network closely to exchange information.  These include:
    • Irish Antimicrobial Pharmacists’ Group (IAPG)
    • Aseptics Special Interest Group (ASIG)
    • Critical Care Special Interest Group
    • Cardiology Special Interest Group
    • Medicines Information Special Interest Group
    • Mental Health Special Interest Group

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About the association

The Hospital Pharmacists Association of Ireland (HPAI) is a voluntary organisation that represents it members on issues relevant to hospital pharmacists.

Mission Statement

The hospital Pharmacists Association of Ireland exists to:

  • further the development of hospital pharmacy practices.
  • assist in the provision of continuing pharmaceutical education.
  • represent the views of the hospital pharmacist on issues of relevance to hospital pharmacy.
  • advance the professional welfare of our members



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