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Hospital pharmacists association of ireland

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Pharmacist, Chief II (Clinical & Patient Services)

  • 3 Oct 2019 11:58 AM
    Message # 7915836

    Dear all,

    HBS Recruit has launched a recruitment campaign for HBS07840 Pharmacist, Chief II (Clinical & Patient Services)

    Open for applications: Wednesday, 2nd October 2019

    Closing date: Wednesday, 16th October 2019 at 12 noon

    Full details on these campaigns - Application Form, Additional Campaign Information and Job Specification are available on
    www.hse.ie or simply copy and paste the following url into the address bar on the internet:


    I would be most grateful if you could bring this campaign launch to the attention of your HR Department and all relevant staff, including those working away, on leave etc.

    Please note:

    If you cannot locate a campaign using the link you were provided with please click on the job search facility on the HSE website on the following link:
    https://www.hse.ie/eng/staff/jobs/job-search/. This will enable you to search by the campaign reference number or using key words of the campaign to which you have been notified.

    If the above job search does not result in a link to the campaign of interest to you please direct your enquiry to nrs.kells@hse.ie quoting the relevant campaign reference number in the subject line of your email.

    Kind regards,
    Campaign Lead

About the association

The Hospital Pharmacists Association of Ireland (HPAI) is a voluntary organisation that represents it members on issues relevant to hospital pharmacists.

Mission Statement

The Hospital Pharmacists Association of Ireland exists to:

  • further the development of hospital pharmacy practices.
  • assist in the provision of continuing pharmaceutical education.
  • represent the views of the hospital pharmacist on issues of relevance to hospital pharmacy.
  • advance the professional welfare of our members



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